Our staff have a wealth of experience and all share the common goal to instil a love of learning in our pupils.

Sports day

In the lower school, there is one teacher and one classroom assistant per class.  In the upper years there is one teacher per class. We have specialist teachers for P.E, French, Music, Drama, and EAL.  Some staff run additional after-school clubs, including Cookery, Mandarin, Robotics, Judo and Animation.

Senior Leadership Team

Lucas Motion
Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Pastoral & Wellbeing, EAL Coordinator, SENCO, e-Safety & Data Protection Coordinator, BA Acting, PGCE QTS

Alarie Drummonds
Deputy Head Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Year 5 & 6 Teacher, Academic & Assessment, Maths Coordinator, BSc Psychology and Counselling, PGCE, QTS

Teaching Staff

Monique Daci
Year 1 Teacher, Head of EYFS, Phonics & Science Coordinator, PGCE, QTS, BSc Biomedical Sciences (on maternity leave)

Ashley Johnson
Reception Teacher,  History & Geography Coordinator, Bachelor of Education, LLB Law 

Charlotte Jones
Reception Teacher, DT Coordinator, PGCE, QTS, BA English Literature & Linguistics

Tracy Eghan
Year 1 Teacher, PGCE, QTS, BSc Entertainment Technology

Amma Osei
Year 2 Teacher, RE Coordinator, PGCE, QTS, BSc Media Production

Leah Golding
Year 3 Teacher, English & Art Coordinator, PGCE, QTS, BA Hons Drama and Theatre Arts, MA Museums & Galleries in Education

Ramona Elvin
Year 4 Teacher, PHSE Coordinator, PGCE, QTS, BA Psychosocial Studies

Emma Symmonds
Reception Teaching Assistant, PGCE, BA Ancient History 

Ewan Dunbar
Reception Teaching Assistant, BA English & Spanish

Rachel Kevany
Year 1 Teaching Assistant, BA Music & Philosophy, MA Musical Theatre Performance (also provides private singing classes)

Rhiannon Jones
Year 2 Teaching Assistant, BSc Biology

Amy Brown
Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Steven Murray
Year 5 & 6 Teaching Assistant, BSc Combined STEM

Tamanna Hussain
Teaching Assistant, BA Education, Culture & Society, Level 3 Child Care Cache

 Specialists, Ater School Club Providers & Visiting Music Teachers

Laetitia Khenchelaoui
Specialist French Teacher, PGCE, QTS, BA Applied Foreign Languages

Karen Holmes
Specialist Drama and LAMDA Teacher, Music Teacher, MA In Voice and The Actor, BA in Theatre Studies, QTS

Danielle Baycanli
PE Teacher / Cover Teacher / Computing Coordinator, PGCE, QTS, BA PE and Sports

Tina Davis
EAL Tutor, BA Theatre Design, TEFL

Will Rowland
Music Teacher, Piano BA Hons in Music

James Bramley
MSc Dev. Studies, BA, Music Advanced certificates, Guitar

Mary Lee
Mandarin & Maths After School Club, PGCE, Level 5 Diploma in Maths Teaching

Emma Gerrett
Saxophone and Clarinet, BMus Music Performance

Dora Martinkova
Animation After School Club

Admin, Maintenance & Support Staff

Louise Kavanagh
School Administrator

Bonyo Dimitrov
New Model School Sites Manager

Patricia Marin
School Assistant

Valerie Warde
School Assistant and Lunchtime & After School Care Supervisor, Diabetes Coordinator