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We understand how important it is to prepare our pupils for the future and understanding technology is central to this. Computing is taught in weekly lessons in school and as the pupils get older, we aim to broaden their understanding of the many types of technology now available in society and their application.  

At Faraday, we use the D.A.R.E.S curriculum to ensure we are at the forefront of computing.

D.A.R.E.S is an innovative approach to teaching computing which encourages pupils to be critical thinkers, problems solvers and computational thinkers while creating purposeful content to demonstrate how learning can be applied across the wider curriculum.


D – Design: Pupils start to discuss the desired outcome for their project and are given time to tinker with the software before planning what they will do to achieve their outcome.

– Apply: Pupils are given the opportunity to create, make and produce content using the app or software explored in the Design lesson(s)

R – Refine: Pupils spend time considering ways to modify and improve their projects to get the best results possible.

E – Evaluate: Upon completing their desired outcome, pupils are given the opportunity to reflect and consider how effectively they have achieved their goal.

– Share: Learners are given the opportunity to publish and exhibit their work to the world, embedding skills from the Digital Literacy curriculum.

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During their lessons, pupils benefit from a curriculum that challenges them to find solutions to logical problems. As they progress through the school, pupils also learn how to use technology to support their studies, such as spreadsheets, databases and presentation tools.

The school is always researching new ideas and techniques that would broaden and enhance digital learning, to include core programming skills, understanding of robotics, use of Scratch and python to develop coding skills and more recently, the principles of AI.

The school is always researching new ideas and techniques that would broaden and enhance digital learning.

We aim to ensure that all pupils take part in an expansive, balanced curriculum, which encourages them to understand the many ways technology is now central to our daily lives. Key to our work is teaching the children that we must use technology safely and understand its risk as well as its many rewards. Teachers are mindful of the amount of screen time children have within a week, so that we balance traditional teaching methods with those enhanced by the use of ICT.

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The best way to see the school in action is to book onto an open morning. These events last approximately an hour – you will have an opportunity to meet the Head and have a tour of the school led by the Year Six pupils. We look forward to welcoming you to Faraday soon.

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