11+ Arrangements

Children are thoroughly prepared academically for their next school.

Through regular tracking and assessment, the Head Teacher has a thorough knowledge of the children.

Parents are informed of the range of schools within both the maintained and independent sectors and are guided in their choices. The children are provided with clear personal targets within the classroom and the skills required to enable them to participate in entrance examinations.  The children have regular past papers to practise.

As Faraday is a relatively young school, 2017 saw our first batch of offers. 

Faraday School 2016/17 - Secondary Transfer Offers

There were 7 children in Year 6 in the academic year 2016/17.

Name of School No. Offers Awards/Scholarships
Blackheath School for Girls 1  
Canary Wharf College 1  
City of London Academy 2  
East London Science School 1  
Forest School 1 Music
Greenwich Free School 1  
Hackney Free School 2  
London Nautical School 1  
Pimlico Academy 1  
St Dunstan's College 1