The wellbeing of the children at Faraday is at the heart of all we do.

Our school is one in which we want every child to feel heard, safe and comfortable to share any worries or concerns. As a community we believe in having an open dialogue amongst staff, pupils and parents, and it is this partnership that helps ensure the children are supported in the best way possible.

As a school, we are lucky to have a nurturing environment in which each child can thrive and we are active in promoting positive mental health. Our PSHE curriculum is broad and informative, with opportunities for children to share their thoughts and ideas. Equally, if they have questions they want to ask one to one, we have a golden ‘worry box’ in the library that can be accessed by any child and their concern will be addressed by our wellbeing team.

Over the year, we celebrate a number of awareness days with a focus on class activities and community engagement, with visiting speakers sharing life skills, fundraising or hands-on workshops where children develop strategies for wellbeing, such as recognising emotions or trying mindfulness and yoga.

 With small classes and dedicated staff, our class teachers are usually the first port of call for worries and concerns and in most cases, they are best placed to offer advice and support. Our wellbeing team, consisting of the Head, Deputy Head and Head of EYFS are trained and available if further help is needed.

We have introduced regular training sessions for teachers and parents that help to develop awareness, including recent talks on Growth Mindset , the Tweenage years, as well as preparation for joining the EYFS and taking 11+ entrance exams.