Upper School

The Upper School at Faraday is a very exciting time, as it is at this point that the children have built a firm foundation of knowledge and developed the practical study skills they need to be challenged further and encouraged to really explore their interests.

Once the children enter Year 3, they are expected to work with greater independence and challenge themselves within a supportive environment so that they are able to fulfill their potential across the curriculum. They also have a wide range of opportunities outside of lessons, such as taking part in debates and the annual Public Speaking Competition, as well as becoming a part of School Council and visiting City Hall.

 Children in the Upper School eat and play slightly later in the day and are encouraged to collaborate with and to set an example to their younger peers. You will often see Upper School pupils helping Reception children with their belongings or taking the lead in assemblies or events.

In Years 4, 5 and 6, the children go on wonderful residential visits that take them on outdoor adventures across England and these team building trips are ones that our past pupils always refer to with the fondest of memories.