School Facilities

Faraday School is located at the historic Trinity Buoy Wharf in London's Docklands.

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The school is housed in a former warehouse building with a shipping container playground on the roof.  This is partially covered and so allows for play year-round. The school is surrounded by a number of creative industries and has been welcomed as part of the Wharf community. Staff make use of the local environment including; the nearby park for Physical Education and the beaches alongside the Thames. Faraday teachers also arrange activities involving artists on the Wharf to enhance the curriculum. 

In March 2015, Faraday extended its play and PE facilities with the help of a £30,000 Sport England grant.

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Faraday's location, where the River Lea meets the River Thames, gives the children some magnificent views along the river and across the Thames to the O2 Centre. The ebb and flow of the tide has also been said to give Faraday a unique energy. You are welcome to experience this for yourself by joining us on an Open Morning Tour. Please call 020 8965 7374 or email here to book a visit to Faraday.

To find out more about Trinity Buoy Wharf, click here.

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