11+ Interview Tips

Following on from our article about preparing for the 11+, Deputy Head Teacher Sarah Gimblett shares her advice on secondary school interviews:

1. Remember that first impressions last.

2. Remember that you’ve got one shot at this interview so make it count. Be memorable for a good reason!

3. Start by introducing yourself, give a good handshake and smile; end by thanking the person, give a good handshake and smile.

4. Be confident - sit up straight, don’t fiddle, remember - you’ve got this!

5. Be articulate and clear in your answers, avoid saying ‘um’.

6. Use your whole vocabulary when speaking about different topics rather than basic language and try not to repeat words.

7. Give detailed responses to questions and as much information as you can. Avoid boasting or showing off, yet share as many relevant and interesting details to questions as possible.

8. Think before you speak and pause to think if necessary.

9. Maintain eye contact, it’s not a staring contest but look the interviewer in the eye as much as possible.

10. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t be afraid to tell the interviewer and then say you will make an educated guess.