Lower School

Children in the Lower School, from Reception through to Year 2, are taught most of their subjects by their classroom teacher. Specialist staff teach Music, Drama, French, PE and Games.

The emphasis is on English (reading, writing and speaking), Mathematics (number work and times tables), investigative Science and projects. Every encouragement is given to help the children read fluently, and in the Early Years structured class teaching is combined with creative play. Geography, History and Religious Education are all taught to broaden the children’s awareness and understanding, helping them to appreciate the complexities of human nature and the environment in which we live.

Faraday pupil engaging in lesson
Art and Design, Drama, Dance and Music form an extension to the core subjects as well as introducing children to specialist skills in their own right. There are regular performances of Music and Drama. Many children learn to play musical instruments on an individual basis and are encouraged to do so from an early age. Computers are a valuable learning tool and all the children from Reception onwards are taught IT skills. Sport is an integral part of the curriculum and from Year 1 there is  a wide variety of after-school activities that are open to all children.

Reception pupil with paintThe Lower School is a happy, busy environment where we encourage boys and girls to develop their strengths. We build their confidence and celebrate every achievement.