Our Approach

At Faraday, we have an exciting and innovative knowledge-based curriculum that provides continuity and progression between years and takes individual differences between children into account. Our curriculum and teaching methods aim above all at the transmission of knowledge, which we believe is the best way to inspire a child with the thirst for a wider and deeper understanding of the world. It lays the foundations for an expanding grasp of a wide range of subjects later on in education.

Our approach ensures the children's intellectual horizons are progressively expanded beyond their everyday experience. We also provide our pupils with opportunities to take part in sport and creative arts such as Art, Music, Drama and Dance. Residential trips, excursions and activities within the local community enhance our pupils' educational experience and help them to develop their confidence and independence.

The Core Knowledge approach, on which our curriculum is built, has been adapted over several years by the research group Civitas. This programme of study goes beyond the limits of the National Curriculum, offering children access to additional content that is challenging and engaging. We have tailored it to align with our vision and values, and the children that we teach.

To find out more about the Faraday Curriculum Policy or and the NMS Teaching and Learning Committee please follow these links.