At Faraday we use a range of different teaching and learning approaches, which are carefully chosen to suit pupils’ needs and this philosophy underpins our curriculum. 

With thought-provoking, interesting lessons, we ensure an appropriate level of challenge for all and our targeted, personalised approach helps all children to fulfil their potential. We are also able to be flexible in how children are grouped in the core subjects, enabling them to be taught out of year group or in streamed sets as necessary. 

Children who are gifted or talented in a particular area are quickly identified and the class teacher will ensure the they are regularly challenged to ensure their continued progress and interest. We have experience of supporting children who are gifted in all areas, including high academic ability in the core subjects of English, maths or science, but also in the arts and sports. Our subject leaders will review each child's needs so that are curriculum and methods help to support and extend them. 

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Faraday is committed to the equal treatment of all pupils including those with special educational needs ('SEN') and disabilities (D).

Prior to joining parents must provide all available information regarding their child so that we can fully understand the nature of any condition their child may have and determine what adjustments we are able to make in order to accommodate their child and assist with their learning.

We are not a specialist Special Educational Needs and Disabilities school, however we will always consider our duty under the Equality Act 2010.

Please refer to our policy on Special Educational Needs and Disability which can be found on this website, for a more detailed explanation

Intake at Years 1 and above, always involves an assessment and a consideration of any specific SEND to ensure that we can meet the needs of all children at the school.

Our small class sizes and well-qualified staff enable us to provide plenty of individualised support to nurture those children who need more help and stretch those who benefit from more of an academic challenge. Our approach to differentiated learning means that all children are helped to achieve their potential.