Animation Club

Our very popular animation club made its debut at Faraday in 2019.

In the space of 3 years, our club's films have been selected for a range of festivals and competitions.


The Secret of the Lighthouse has been chosen for inclusion by the Cartoon Club Festival and is also a finalist in the Out of the Can Festival.

Meanwhile, our film, Donatello, has been shared online by leading Art Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon as, "Quite simply one of the best Art History programmes we have seen this year".

Our Spring Term film, The Attack of Plastic Pollution, is a fantastical story imagining how the famous broadcaster and environmentalist, David Attenborough, tackles plastic pollution in the oceans.

In the Summer Term, to celebrate our school's 10th anniversary, our club produced a film about the life of our namesake - the esteemed scientist Michael Faraday.

During the Autumn Term in 2019, Faraday's After-School Animation Club created an short film based on Jane Goodall’s life - 'Jane Goodall and Her Chimps.


Our most recent film made in the Spring Term, '2222', gives us a look into what the future may look like, including underwater communities, robots and an important mission!

In the Autumn Term, our pupils made the film 'Benin', which explores the kingdom of Benin, which was destroyed in 1897, and a mission to return the carved plaques, known as the Benin Bronzes. 


Our first film of 2021, 'ZOO School', follows a class of animals on a quest around the world to find their teacher, Mr Wisdom the Owl, by following his geography-based riddles and clues. 

Our next creation was inspired by the life and works of Agatha Christie, where Miss Marple and her companions have to solve the 'Mystery of the Stolen Necklace.' 


Our latest animation creation follows the story of how Picasso discovered Henri Rousseau in 'Le Douanier - Henri Rousseau.' The Picasso Museum called the animation "really well done, creative and inspiring"

Le Douanier - Henri Rousseau from Dora Martinkova on Vimeo.