Animation Club

Our very popular animation club made its debut at Faraday last year.

In the space of 4 terms, our club's films have been selected for a range of festivals and competitions.

The Secret of the Lighthouse has been chosen for inclusion by the Cartoon Club Festival and is also a finalist in the Out of the Can Festival.

Meanwhile, our lrecent film, Donatello, has been shared online by leading Art Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon as, "Quite simply one of the best Art History programmes we have seen this year".

Our spring term film, Attenborough, is a fantastical story with powerful messages about plastic pollution.

This summer, to celebrate our school's 10th anniversary, our club produced a film about the life of our namesake - the esteemed scientist Michael Faraday.

Watch the club's videos below.

Donatello from New Model Schools on Vimeo.