School Bus Information

Faraday School runs a subsidised bus service.

In the mornings, the bus operates 3 routes, which covers 17 stops.  The route stretches as far north as Stratford west from Wapping and east from Silvertown, with many stops in between. 

Unfortunately we have had to suspend the Canada Water stop for the Autumn Term 2018, due to height restrictions in the Rotherhithe Tunnel.  We will review the situation in the New Year.

Parents need to commit to the morning bus five mornings a week and the journey to schools costs £6 per day or £4.50 for siblings.

In the afternoons, the bus provides a choice of 12 stops after clubs have finished. This is a more flexible service and costs £6 per day. The bus leaves school at 4.50pm and there is currently no 3.35pm service.  Pupils do not need to take the afternoon bus every day.  If you elect to take the afternoon bus, you must also book a club or after school care.

Bus routes are subject to change according to demand and are planned in consultation between parents and Faraday School.  It may be possible to extend the route and to make additional stops, however, there is no guarantee.

A trained Passenger Assistant rides on the bus at all times.  Seat belts are provided and must be worn.

2018/20198 Morning Bus Routes

Bus 1

  1. Canada Water (currently suspended due to height restrictions in the tunnel across the river)
  2. Wapping Pierhead Wharf
  3. Wapping Hermitage moorings
  4. Canary Wharf

Bus 2

  1. Royal Wharf
  2. Pontoon Dock
  3. Wesley Avenue (corner Mill Road)
  4. Wesley Avenue (corner Britannia Gate)
  5. Royal Victoria

Bus 3

  1. Stratford (Elmore Road)
  2. Mile End (Hamlets Way)
  3. Flamborough Street (junction Salmon Lane)
  4. Limehouse Marina
  5. Westferry Road (Crewes St)
  6. Westferry Road (Napier Ave)
  7. Island Gardens

2018/2019 Afternoon Bus Routes

Bus 1

  1. East India
  2. Canary Wharf
  3. Royal Victoria
  4. West Silvertown
  5. Wesley Avenue
  6. Pontoon Dock

Bus 2

  1. Westferry DLR
  2. Westferry Circus
  3. Wapping
  4. York Square
  5. Limehouse
  6. Canada Water (currently suspended)

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