The Natural History Museum had some visitors...

On Wednesday 25th January, Year 6 from Faraday School met up with Year 6 from Maple Walk school at the Natural History Museum. This was a great opportunity for the children to get to know each other a little better before their Year 6 Residential in May. 


Before our workshops we had time to explore the museum and the children had a chance to experience an earthquake simulator, examine dinosaur bones, get a little closer to some creepy crawlies and many other things. 


Our first workshop involved the children looking at a plant and animal timeline. They had to establish what was alive 500 million years ago, to the present day...and all before lunch!


The afternoon workshop turned the Year 6's into scientists as they investigated real artifacts in a science lab. Observation, examination, weighing, drawing and comparing had to be completed for a huge variety of amazing objects from nature. Some of the favourites included; a pythons skin, a swordfish's tooth and a turtles shell. 


A great day was had by all!