Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 5th February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day by listening to an assembly with key messages about staying safe online presented by Year 5. Years 3-6 also completed activities during the day (and throughout the rest of the week) around how to stay safe online and what giving consent means (which was the big focus this year). 
As parents, you have a big responsibility to keep your children safe online at home so we'd strongly recommend the following:
- keep devices in a communal area in your house, rather than bedrooms, so you know what your child is doing online
- check their search history regularly so you can see what sites your child is using
- if/when necessary, contact your service provider to put filters on your internet so that certain inappropriate topics and sites aren't accessible to your child
- talk to your child about staying safe online, what to do if they don't feel safe and the things for them to be aware of - not sharing personal information, not speaking to strangers, using trusted sites etc

The people at put young people and their parents head-to-head in a game show and asked them questions about consent online. They wanted to find out if parents and their children have the same or differing opinions on a range of online consent topics. 'Your Choice or Mine' is a great conversation starter that lets parents and young people share views and learn from one another. Safer Internet Day's aim is to inspire conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. Try this at home with your child and answer the questions below