Road Safety Assembly

As it was Road Safety Awareness week last week, Neville from For2feet entertained and informed the pupils in Years 3 - 6 on Friday morning, with his very creative and original road safety presentation. He started as a chef making a 'road safety stew' (with the help of our best chefs!) and finished with very important reminders about wearing a seat belt, wearing a helmet and going out on their own. 

Whilst Neville emphasised the key messages about staying safe when crossing the road, he also made everyone laugh, he involved the pupils in his interactive demonstration and left everyone thinking carefully about looking, listening and thinking when crossing the road as there are so many factors and possible distractions to be aware of. He certainly made road safety memorable and everyone took away at least one memorable piece of information. To finish, Neville said Faraday was one of his favourite schools to visit so he wants everyone to stay safe! Thank you so much for visiting Faraday!