Picture Perfect

Our year 3 pupils were this week visited by an official photographer from the Tate Gallery.

They had their portrait taken as part of the Tate Year 3 Project - an ambitious art exhibition chronicling the lives of children across London by the renowned artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen. 

Turner Prize and Oscar winner McQueen has devised this major new artwork to culminate in one of the most ambitious schools projects that London has ever seen.

According to the Tate: "This will be an epic picture of our city’s pupils and our rich civic diversity in a unique programme for London’s seven and eight-year-olds to explore their hopes and futures in an entirely free to access programme focussed on identity, belonging, inclusion and citizenship."

Our pupils were so inspired by the project that they wrote letters to Mr McQueen and the Tate team borrowed some of our pupils own portraits to show the artist.

Children and staff were treated to an introduction to the project, a short workshop about photography, creating drama ‘freeze frames,’ the photo shoot itself as well as a Q & A session at the end. 

For further information about the project, visit. Tate Year 3 Project website.