Head Teacher's Letter to Parents

End of Autumn Term 2018

Dear Parents,

We have had such an exciting and action-packed term at Faraday, filled with all sorts of creative pursuits, from public speaking to nativities, educational visits and maths competitions. The children have certainly been working hard and yet there is also a wonderful sense of happiness in the classrooms whilst they are learning, which is a pleasure to see.

Over the term, we have focused on developing a growth mindset amongst both teachers and children, with many of them incorporating the word ‘YET’ when they are in the process of learning something new. We often see this message encompassed in our class assemblies too. The topics of these have been rich and varied, with a number of different themes from The Life of Michael Faraday to Enlightenment and from Greek Myths to Top Tips for Success!

There are a wide array of opportunities for the children to perform at Faraday and I feel this is a really unique feature of the school. Regular slots at ‘Fantastic at Faraday’ have been filled with entertaining cameos and these have included a tightrope climbing robot-monkey, an interactive quiz about plastic and a homemade video celebrating black history, to name but a few. The huge range of talent on offer on Thursday mornings, demonstrates how Faraday embraces and nurtures each child’s individual strengths and interests.

Art has also been a focus and various local landmarks, such as the lighthouse and millennium dome, were recognised in our response to the Unity festival in September, with each class creating the impressive mixed media artwork that now hang in our corridors. Many of the pupils have explored the local area too, with Year 3 having a guided tour of the wharf, Year 2 and 6 creating decorations for the Christmas tree at Good Luck Hope. 

Looking ahead, we are finding more ways to collaborate with our local residents and harness the creative nature of our location. Our first project will involve participating in the Take One Picture competition run by the National Gallery, using the focus painting to inspire some of our work across the curriculum. Men of the Docks by George Bellows will be our stimulus and is available to view at the gallery should you wish to take a trip over the holidays.

Until the New Year and with warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas with family and friends,