This week's Fantastic at Faraday assembly was a dazzling display of acrobatics and talent with 3 star pupils demonstrating their success.

First off was Year 6 pupil Melissa, who is English National Gymnastics champion in Rope and Free.

She showcased her medals and glittery leotards, whilst telling a very impressed audience that, " was my mother who inspired me to do this, as she too did gymnastics as a child."

Melissa's achievements were closely followed by robot creators Safiyya and Cornell from Year 1.

Their cheeky monkey robot - constructed and programmed in Robotics and Computer Club - managed to traverse a rope across the school hall.

The audience were heard to gasp out loud as the clever contraption swung its way above their heads, controlled by our canny team and a tablet device.

Well done everyone.  It was truly a Fantastic Faraday moment!