Fantastic at Faraday

This week’s assembly was truly fantastic with a remarkable and eclectic line-up of treats! It began with Daniel from Year 6 who proudly shared a clever Scratch game named ‘Night Ball’ that he’d created in a record-breaking time of two hours! Feedback from the audience suggested he’ll have more than a few children asking him how they can access this original game!

Felicity, Ria, Sophie and Zahra AKA ‘The Four Friends’ then presented an improvised comedy sketch ‘Prank Wars’ that received quite a few laughs from the audience. When asked why they chose comedy, Felicity answered, ‘we realised no one else has ever performed a comedy before and we wanted to make people laugh,’ which was certainly achieved!

Finally, ‘Black History Month’ was introduced by Miss Osei who read, ‘Love Thy Fro’ by Casey Elisha; a story with a message to teach young girls to love themselves and their hair! Lorena from Year 6 then presented a truly outstanding video, ‘Crowning Glory,’ which she’d created herself, outlining the history of African hair braiding, with an emphasis on her own personal journey and experience of her hair. The video was well written and very touching, deserving the loud applause that it received. Lorena stated, ‘it’s important that black people embrace themselves after being discriminated against for centuries.’

May I thank Daniel, ‘The Four Friends,’ Lorena and Miss Osei for your wonderful contributions which made this week’s assembly absolutely fantastic!