Elf on the Shelf

Today in year 6, 12 became 13, when Elf on the Shelf joined us and had an action-packed day. 

Firstly, EOTS did some handwriting which was rather neat, and he set a very good example. Soon after that, he watched our Christmas Concert rehearsal and was very impressed. But when he looked out of the window, he almost fell down! (Remember your Elf And Safety!) Unfortunately, it was wet play, so he stayed inside and had a nap. 

In Maths, he demonstrated great listening skills. He enjoyed learning about the similarities between decimals, percentages and fractions! Then, in Art, he looked at some of our Christmas Cards that we were making! (He tried to return one of the Reindeer-shaped cards To Santa Claus!) 

During Lunchtime, he had an 'elfy 'lunch. He secretly stole some of Lorena's sandwich and, as he had had such a hard day it was no surprise that he was extremely thirsty. We then gave him some water! 

After that, he decided to read Thomas's book called: Dragons At Crumbling Castle! At the end of the day, we gave him a VIP tour around our classroom and showed him how to tidy up quickly and sensibly. Of course, Elf couldn't help but have a cheeky moment. When Miss Drummonds received a parcel, he decided to use the box as a chance to play Peek-A-Boo! We enjoyed having him with us!