Culture Vultures

It was a riot of colour at Faraday last week when the whole school celebrated 'Culture Day'.

There were incredible outfits, delicious food, impressive presentations (even from some of our youngest pupils in Reception) and lots of interesting information shared with the classes about many different cultures from around the world.

We are so lucky at Faraday to have such a wealth of experience of different traditions and cultures and the children, teachers and parents enjoyed sharing and celebrating together, to learn more.

Thank you to all the parents and pupils who shared their experiences with us today, we had a marvelous time and were even joined by Sally Hobbs, who is from the NMS Advisory Board.

We then had a wonderful afternoon in our house groups, learning a Ghanaian song from Miss Osei, a Spanish clapping sequence from Miss Golding, a Scottish dance from Mr Dewer and a Sicilian dance from Miss Basso.

The houses also learnt some Cockney Rhyming Slang with Mr Webb and made some kiwi goodies in the kitchen with Miss Gimblett. What a fabulous day!