Classroom Roundup

Our Upper School pupils are back in the swing of things and have been learning a range of interesting topics.

In Year 6, their DT focus has been on bridges and they got the chance to experiment by making their own constructions.

Pupils worked together to problem solve the tricky problem of building a stable structure.

Meanwhile in science, pupils looked at Carl Linnaeus and his classification system. 

Pupils were amazed to discover that Linnaeus was interested in botany (the study of plants) and at the young age of five, he had his own garden. 

He is most famous for creating a system of naming plants and animals—a system we still use today.
This system is known as the binomial system, whereby each species of plant and animal is given a genus name followed by a specific name (species), with both names being in Latin. 
Inspired by Carl, pupils had a go at categorising living things and it certainly wasn't easy as there are so many ways to group things.