British Science Week Poster Competition

To celebrate British Science Week, pupils at Faraday embarked upon the challenge of entering the British Science Association’s annual Poster Competition. Being given the exciting theme of “discovery and exploration”, pupils chose a different area of science, technology or engineering to answer a probing question that would arouse their curiosity for all things scientific! Working in small groups or as a whole class, some truly fantastic work was created!

Here are some of the highlights: children in Reception and Year 3 collaborated to look at dinosaur bones and fossils, imagining what the dinosaurs might have looked like: highlights included a “Safiyyasaurus” by Safiyya and a “Coloursaurus” by Charlotte. In Year 1, pupils decided to create imaginary sea creatures of the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench. Some of the evolutionary inventions were an ‘Electric Ant’ by Tamra and a ‘Shark Horse’ by Beatrice. The future of technology was the topic for Year 2, with children creating imaginative designs, such as ‘Cloning Machine’ by Philipp and ‘Magnetic Rucsac Grabber’ by Laurens. Year 4 were also innovative when predicting what would happen to Elon Musk’s car, having been sent into space last month. Black holes, explosions and aliens all featured heavily in their ideas! It has been inspiring and exciting to witness pupils at Faraday applying their scientific knowledge to create original ideas for their posters this week. I wish them every success for the Poster Competition. Good luck!