Child Withdrawal Process 2018-19

We hate to talk about children leaving us, but one or two examples have emerged recently where withdrawing parents have felt they have not fully understood the parent contract as it applies to withdrawals and we therefore think that it might help if we set out our process in detail.

The school has to make provision for teaching its children and has to plan several months ahead to achieve this. We ask our parents to help us by doing the same, and in company with all other schoolsthat we are aware of, we ask that notice given is a full term’s notice, so that we stand a chance ofreplacing the child being withdrawn. Please note that schools may differ in their definitions of what this means; we require notice to be provided no later than the last day of the preceding term, so this means that notice to leave at the end of the Spring Term in March 2019 needs to be provided to us by your last term-day in December 2018.

Our first duty is to existing children and parents who want to remain with us, so the notice has to be a clear and confirmed and in a particular format, or else we are not able to replace the child. While we appreciate that some parents will keep us informed of their possible plans, vague or informal statements such as “we are likely to leave some time”, or “we think we will leave but we are not sure when”, or else “we will only stay as long as we are employed here”, or, lastly, “we expect to be leaving in one/two/three years’ time” are not clear or confirmed notice and will not be considered to be notice of withdrawal.

For the avoidance of doubt, please note that none of the above statements, whether made verbally or in writing to a teacher or to your Head, constitute giving notice and cannot be assumed by you as doing so.

Due notice is only given if it is made in writing, and sent either to your Head, or to the NMS Central Office; if it gives a definite leaving date; and if you copy in your spouse or partner so that we know that both of you are in agreement about the withdrawal.